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This poem was written to express a shared sense of vulnerability felt when we feel alone. Among a crowd or in isolation, the feeling of loneliness can overtake our sense of freedom and joy. I hope to present that within internal defeat, there may be a voice that wants to create, live and imagine loudly.

During these times that are hard to endure, feelings of loneliness often take a long time to overcome. In some cases, there seems to be no advice that can solve the problems that rest in our minds. My hope in writing this poem is to empathize and remind us that feeling disappointed, let down, unhappy or alone brings to light uncomfortable emotions that matter. They carry a heaviness that is hard to ignore, and my aim is to help readers recognize the validity of their emotions.

Feeling defeated can lead us to compare our lives to the happiness of others and this can be problematic. While it is uplifting to feel inspired, it’s unhelpful to assume to know the complete story behind every outward portrayal. We may fall deeper in isolation by concluding that in this “perfect world” we do not belong.

I hope to remind readers that we have a dimension beyond the surface of unhappiness. What can we do with these feelings of very real emotions? What can we try to create while recognizing the validity of the way we feel? Our emotions are derived from a deeper place that I personally hope to explore. The aim of this piece is to encourage readers to engage in a similar discourse—not to discount the way we feel but rather, channel our emotions towards creative expression founded on the acknowledged honesty of our feelings.


By: Rayah Ali


A captivating view

Provoking thought.

With jagged edges misaligned,

But by design,

A scattered plot.


From outside looking in,

Consumed by fascination.

Spaces occupied, in disarray,

Yet, I find a trusted way

To revive imagination.


Overlooking a strange masterpiece

Of which I feel denied.

From outside, I can paint the town.

Upon return, I hit the ground.

From left to right, I’m petrified.


One sudden surge of truth

And all colour fades away.

I want it back, to build the dream,

To save myself from what may seem,

To stop me day by day.


Loneliness, a powerful silence.

Hard to escape without a sound.

With honest expression, let cries persist,

To let fear know, that hope exists.

In this masterpiece I will be found.

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