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Some countries are opening schools back up again during a pandemic that’s affecting the entire world.

Children, including very young children, can contract COVID-19. Many of them can show no symptoms. Those that do get sick tend to experience milder symptoms, such as low-grade fever, fatigue, and cough.

There will be fear and concern among parents and the overall community. However, today, we have 10 tips on how to keep children safe from coronavirus and healthy as they prepare to go back to school:

Protect kids from COVID as schools reopen

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  1. Take their temperature before they go to school: This way, you can make sure they don’t have a fever, get even sicker, and infect their classmates.
  2. If you can, invest in a 02 oxygen saturation monitor: One of the early signs of a COVID-19 infection is a drop in your oxygen saturation, even before you’re symptomatic.
  3. Food from home: one way to avoid the superficies contact is to make kids bring their own food, which will prevent them from touching trays since they’re using a paper bag that they will throw away after lunch.
  4. Show them how to wash their hands every time they’re on break: Make them aware of how many things they touch throughout the day, things like the handrail as well as common tools, such as pencil sharpeners or books
  5. Invest in a washable and good-quality mask: Try to make it a personalized mask, so they won’t confuse it with others’ masks. They have to like it, so they will want to wear it. It should cover the nose, mouth, and chin, should be secured with elastic loops or ties, include multiple layers, and be washable and reusable.
  6. Teach them to be responsible for their community as well as develop their empathy and communication: Children need to know that communicating or asking questions will not lead to punishment and that using protective measures will keep themselves and those around them healthy.
  7. Social distance is different from physical distance: show them their social skills are important as long as they keep the necessary measures. This will help their mental as well as emotional health.
  8. Put them in the shower as soon as they get home from school: Kids share seats and tools, which can spread the virus. If you make taking a bath after school a habit, you will help keep them healthy and carefree.
  9. If you can, avoid the school bus: Not only are seats shared on the bus, but the distance may not be enough. They will also be in contact with handles and windows.
  10. Empathy, kindness, and appreciation: Children can contract COVID-19 from any environment. Avoid making them feel ashamed if they do get sick and do not make those at school who have become ill feel ashamed. We are all in this together, and kindness is necessary for better education and future.




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