We would like to thank everyone who shared their stories with us. We, together with those experiencing hardship in life as cancer patients, survivors, or caregivers can relate to you and your challenges.

Our hope is that these stories will help strengthen those affected in coping with cancer, the fear, stress, depression, and hopelessness that often comes along the way. Sharing and reading other stories can also be a great inspiration to those who might find it hard to speak about cancer.

We pride ourselves in welcoming and amplifying those voices that too often go unheard. We aim to break the silence on cancer, and its impacts throughout our community with your help.

With you sharing stories across online channels or sending us your own, we can better guide those struggling with cancer and its effects towards feeling empowered in their tough journey. One single story can make a huge difference!

Choose a story and share it with your friends!

Or send us your own story of hope, faith, strength and perseverance!

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