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Cancer Support & Services

We are dedicated to ensuring that cancer prevention information gets to Everyone
world-wide. Take charge of your life and learn more about cancer and how you can
prevent and find it early to increase your chances of overcoming it.

Empowered Health and Cancer Wellness provides you with a unique piece of information
or call-to-action regarding cancer in each section of the website.

Self Care
take control of your health

Find out what self-care is, why it is important, and how you can develop it!

Educational Videos

Learn more about different types of cancer, how nutrition and cancer are co-related, as well as the importance of mental health in videos.


We are providing you with more educational material that involves your participation and a great opportunity for us to connect with you globally!

Your Mindset – Hope & Faith

Find out how people of African ancestry look to faith and spirituality and how important we think it is to be able to talk about a cancer diagnosis and relieve the resulting stress.

Your Stories

We are honored to expose what you shared with us to a large audience and help unite all cancer sufferers and care-givers around the world.

Share Your Story

You are invited to be a part of our support community by expressing your thoughts, feelings and emotions about your life changing experiences especially when it comes to cancer.
Stay Informed and Stay Connected


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