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Reality tends to throw us off track every so often and adjusting to change can be hard. I wrote this poem to express how difficult it can be to find the courage to accept the parts in our lives beyond our control. It is important to try to embrace change for the benefit of growing as a person. Giving something new and different a chance to take its course can lead us to discover more about ourselves.

With change we are involuntarily thrown into situations that may require problem solving. We can develop new perspectives and figure out why we agree or disagree with changes taking place.  Embracing change gives us an opportunity to learn more about our discomforts, and why they may exist.

Making adjustments in life is a challenge and this poem asks us to respect the fact that we all adapt to change differently. It takes patience to accept change and to understand that it might take someone a longer time to find their footing.

When we cannot control the change around us, it can be emotionally exhausting to try to fight the reality of a new situation. We limit our potential when we choose to reject unavoidable change. If we close ourselves off from new perspectives, we may close ourselves off from progress.

COVID-19 has brought about uncontrollable changes to our environment, the way we work, socialize, stay active, and recognize the existing inequities in our society. Our definition of ‘normal’ no longer exists in the same way it once did. Seeking support through friends and family might help us adjust, observe the present, and leave room for possibilities.

Maintaining a positive attitude in the midst of change is, of course, easier said than done since each of us adapts to change at varying rates. I wanted to present a piece that asks for compassion during the moments in life that catch us off guard.

Looking Up

I’m missing the subtleties
That deep breath I once took
In anticipation
Made clear my prediction
That I would arrive alive
And free
On the other side

I look back at the comfort
That smile could last for days
Reluctant to let go
Nerves upended and it shows
Far away from all I know
Now I’m on my own.

Unlike my past meditations
This time I’m bracing for a challenge
Unwanted fear takes the lead
To be prepared is what I need
It’s a test to accept
The honesty, the truth,
What’s left.

Like clockwork
Taking steps
Change is hard to embrace
It may take time
To find my pace.

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