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We can all take action to lower our risk of developing cancer. Healthier choices are not limited to just eating nutritious food and getting regular exercise–though those both help! Cancer risk can be increased by all sorts of external factors, including alcohol intake, obesity, sunlight, exposure to chemicals, and chronic inflammation due to infections, to name a few.

It is possible to prevent cancer or at least lower the risk of developing it. A great option would always be going for cancer-fighting foods and making healthier choices. There is no denying the importance of nutrition in cancer prevention and treatment

Avoid overconsumption of red meats, sugars and refined carbohydrates, processed foods, etc. Instead, try to eat more fruits and vegetables, vitamins, dietary fibers, etc. to reduce the risk of cancer. For more information, click on “nutrition” appearing on the left!

According to many studies, physical activity is also linked to a lower risk of cancer as it helps improve overall health and routine functioning. If you are wondering how exercise or workout reduces the rate of each type of cancer, click on “fitness” just on the left!

Another important factor that affects cancer risk is chronic stress. Stress is the natural response to physical, mental, or emotional pressure; however, when it lasts in an uncontrolled way, it weakens our immune system. It can affect many parts of the body as is explained in our “reduce stress” section on the left. Click on it to learn more!

Cancer risk can also be increased by all sorts of external factors, including alcohol and tobacco intake. Unfortunately, many people neglect the detrimental impacts of heavy drinking on our bodies and our health.

In addition, tobacco is shown to increase the risk of 16 kinds of cancers, and it is the cause of the vast majority of lung cancers. To find more detailed information, visit our “Alcohol use” and “Tobacco use” on the left.

In this section, find deeper information on all the ways we can reduce our risk of cancer through the choices we make every day.

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