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General Cancer Diagnosis

Although cancer expression varies, and is complicated by the various stages of development, patients are being successfully diagnosed and treated for cancer.

Cancers that are diagnosed early often have very good prognosis.

Some factors that affect recovery

  • The type of cancer and where in the body it is located.
  • The stage of the cancer – i.e. the size of the cancer and whether or not it has spread to other parts of the body
  • The cancer’s grade is typically determined by a pathologist and details how abnormal the cancer cells look under a microscope and the likelihood of them growing and spreading quickly. The usually determines the cancer grading
  • Age and health of the patient prior to their cancer diagnosis
  • How well a patient’s body responds to the treatment

It is important to understand that statistics are simply averages based on large numbers of patients. They cannot predict your individual outcome! No two patients are exactly alike and response to treatment varies from one person to another.

Every case is different, so speak with your health care provider and ask as many questions as possible to help you understand your prognosis.

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