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In Special Honour to Erma Elaine Dixon, Wendy Urdine Springer, and Shamin Ara Ahmed.

Your lives and cancer journey have been an inspiration and reminder to me that “we cannot do everything, but we can do something” to serve and support those in need within our community. You are remembered with great love and gratitude.



I’m immensely grateful that you are visiting our site. My hope is that the information and stories we share helps you and others to understand the significance of taking action to help transform lives through increased awareness, care, support and education about the impact of cancer and how we can prevent and overcome this disease.

Empowered Health and Cancer Wellness (EHCW) was started based on my personal experience of witnessing my mother cope with and overcome breast cancer just over 20 years ago.

Being on the journey with her, I gained extensive knowledge regarding the dire need for a wider (global) awareness within African-Caribbean communities and countries on preventing and overcoming cancer. For this reason, our focus at EHCW includes Colon, Cervical, Prostate and Lung Cancers in addition to Breast Cancer.

I’ve worked on forming this organization for over five years. This endeavour seemed so overwhelming at times I almost abandoned the idea. However, my faith in God exceeded all fears and doubt along the way. Born in Barbados, while spending time with my grandfather (Simon Eric Nicholls) he often spoke about how much he loved the island he called home. He took great joy and pride in always helping everyone he could in his community throughout his lifetime.

Through my grandfather and mothers’ example I learned the meaning of selflessness, servant leadership and the value of helping others.

The world needs more love, support for others and sense of community – we (at EHCW) are dedicated to this endeavor. With a full heart, I humbly dedicate the work we are doing and being shown on this site to you.

Thank you and God Bless,

Derrick Springer, Founder
Derrik - Founder of Empowered Health & Cancer Wellness Center

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